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Dalesrail service – July update

Following a joint email from many interested groups we received a reply from the Department for Transport, excerpt below -

'Northern is simply not able to do the line justice. Accordingly we have concluded that Northern should pause its current DalesRail service between Clitheroe and Hellifield during summer 2023 while it trains more drivers to allow the service potentially to operated more frequently and on routes that might bring more passengers to the Dales.

We are working with Community Rail Lancashire, Lancashire County Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Northern to identify how best to revitalise the Dales line and make the most of its services when these return.

We confirm that passengers can still travel to Clitheroe (from Rochdale) and Hellifield (from Leeds, Morecambe and Carlisle). For avoidance of doubt, we have no plans to permanently withdraw the Dalesrail service or close the line.I hope that this answer reassures you that we are committed to a bright future for DalesRail and the Dales communities'

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