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Former Stations

In addition to the four current statiions, a further six have pretty much disappeared from the Blackburn - Hellifield route

Pic of Daisyfield station.jpg


The overgrown platforms can be made out near Daisyfield signalbox and level crossing shortly after leaving Blackburn heading towards Ramsgreave

Pic of Chatburn station from RVRN


As at Daisyfield, some of the station can still be made out (near the Pendle Hotel) even though it closed in 1962

Pic of Gisburn station from RVRN 128.jpg


Liittle now remains of the station, opened in 1879

Pic of Wilpshire f R station 1955.jpg

Wilpshire for Ribchester

The current station is a few hundred yards south of the old site as, since the station closed in 1962, housing was built blocking site access

Pic of Rimington station.jpg


The station closed in 1958, a few years before many of the stations on the Ribble Valley line

Pic of Newsholme station.jpg


Newsholme station, between Gisburn and Hellifield, also closed a few years before passenger services along the Ribble Valley line were withdrawn

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