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Major Features

These are some of the line's main features and landmarks

Pic of Wilpshire tunnel.jpg

Wilpshire tunnel

Just north of Ramsgreave & Wilpshire station, the Ribble Valley line's summit, is the 324 yard Wilpshire Tunnel, completed in 1850

Pic of cement train on Whalley Viaduct.j

Whalley Viaduct

The longest brick viaduct in Lancashire at 679 yards, the impressive viaduct has 49 arches. It crosses the River Calder on the outskirts of the village of Whalley

Pic of Horrocksford Junc.jpg

Horrocksford branch and cement works

Limestone has been quarried north of Clitheroe since before the railway was built.. It is the main raw material in cement, forming significant goods traffic through the Ribble Valley

Pic of 68028 from RVRN 128.jpg

Langho bank

For about 4 miles from Whalley Viaduct to Ramsgreave & Wilpshire station the line rises steadily over 250 feet

Pic of QM Military Hosp station from CRL

Queen Mary's Military Hospital branch

Over 50000 servicemen were treated here during World War 1 and reached the hospital via the private siding and station

Pic of Gisburn tunnel entrance from RVRN

Gisburn tunnel

The tunnel was built in 1876 through the Gisburn Park Estate – to prevent owner Lord Ribblesdale’s horses from being scared by train noise, and to preserve the view

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