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Pic of RGW station sign from RVRN

A new look at Ramsgreave & Wilpshire station

Artist Karen Allerton worked with students from Ribblesdale High School, Clitheroe to create artworks to brighten up the station. With a focus on the future and careers, the students travelled by train to Manchester and spoke to passengers about their career choices and journeys along the line. Inspired by the silver birch trees surrounding the station and the pigeons on the platform, they then worked on designs that share their aspirations for the future, aiming to encourage us to appreciate nature and the planet and to look at careers, which will support a more sustainable future.


Art students from Blackburn College produced some of the stunning photographs on view in the waiting shelter, which incorporated photographs from the Talbot Archive alongside ones taken along the Clitheroe Line.


RVR’s Ken Roberts was involved in this part of the project.

Photos courtesy of Simon Clarke

Pic of RGW station shelter from RVRN 129.jpg
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